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Space to develop your investments

D36O offers a number of functionalities that will allow you to optimize processes inside the company, from investments to sales.


Everything in one place

Keep your eyes open. From now on, you have easy access to all the necessary information regarding not only the entire investments, but also their individual items. D360 will allow you to increase the effectiveness of sales management.

Investment list

All investments in one place. Access basic information about the investment quickly, easily and transparently

Item list

A list of all items with access to information about them, the ability to manage them and edit data

Ekran D360 z listą inwestycji


Click - the investment is ready

Click through the investment divided into stages, buildings and even individual floors. Organize your construction projects so that their management becomes convenient and transparent. It's so simple it's hard to believe.


Quick and simple

Investment and sales management does not have to involve the need to keep many tables and spreadsheets. From now on, you can add the entire investment and its organizational division from one application. The generator built into the system will make your work easier, and the preparation of the first investment will take only a few minutes. Isn’t that really fast?


In correct order

Construction stages, buildings and floors – thanks to the category structure, you can take care not only of the organization of work, but also of ensuring that a given team of employees has access only to the necessary information whenever they need it. Everything in its place and in its time.

Lista przedmiotów inwestycji z kosztami w D360


In accordance with the law

Are the new regulations making your job harder? With the D360, you're ready for it. From the application level, you will generate an information prospectus in accordance with the regulations in force from July 1, 2022 - all with a few clicks.


Show clients their dream home

Visualizations are an indispensable element of real estate sales. D360 allows you to prepare a simple, but extremely clear and convenient visualization of the investment. Show your customers where their new home will be.

Wizualizacja inwestycji z planem mieszkaniowym w panelu D360


Keep your spendings in control

A binder and a spreadsheet are often a standard method of storing and controlling investment costs. We have a much better way to do that. With D360 you have immediate access to every document and data. Everything is presented in a clear form.

Records of costly documents

D360 is not only a full insight into investment expenses, but also gives you the ability to digitize documents, attach their scans and build your virtual archive. Thanks to this, you have access to important documentation anytime, anywhere.

Panel D360 z wprowadzeniem danych faktury na urządzeniach mobilnych

Oh, there you are

Remember the last time you spent an hour looking for an invoice? And remember when you found it in the wrong binder? No more messy documentation and time-consuming searching for specific invoices. D360 organizes all expenses related to investments

Breakdown of costs into types and categories

Do you run an individualized cost structure or would you like to use its full potential? With the cost monitoring module, you will not only easily and quickly divide costs into individual works, materials or activities, but also locate those areas that require optimization. Transparency above all.

Costs for each investment

In addition to dividing costs into types and categories, D360 allows you to assign costs to specific investments. Thanks to the full transparency of the expenses incurred for the investment, you can better determine the final valuation of the investment object.

Fragment panelu D360 ze statusami płatności

Add costs wizard

Errors are made by humans, and it is not difficult to make a mistake when recording all accounting costs by yourself. We have developed an intuitive wizard for adding costs that guides you through the entire process step by step. It not only makes it easier to go through the procedure, but also minimizes the risk of error. Quickly, easily, accurately.

Cost item dictionary

With D360, entering costs into the system has never been as easy and fast. The dictionary built into the module of investment costs remembers the items entered into it along with the parameters. Thanks to this, entering subsequent costs is much easier and faster. Isn't it comfortable?


Your command center

Inwestycja to nie tylko cyfry, ale również ludzie realizujący konkretne prace. Moduł uprawnień użytkowników i zadań daje Ci z jednej strony możliwość szybkiego przydzielania zadań konkretnym grupom pracowników, z drugiej chroni wrażliwe dane przed dostępem osób nieupoważnionych.
Wszystko to przy pomocy kilku kliknięć.

Panel aplikacji D360 z listą zadań i nadanymi priorytetami

User invitation system

New employee? Another team on the construction site? With the invitation system, you can easily add more users. It is enough to enter an email address into the system and assign a specific role to the user. After accepting the invitation and completing the data, the employee can proceed, having access to all the necessary functions.

User permissions

Work safely and efficiently. Thanks to the authorization system, your employees and subcontractors gain access to the views and functionalities that allow them to perform their work. No distractions, plus it is safe for sensitive data.

Wybrane uprawnienia przydzielane użytkownikom  w aplikacji D360

Assigning tasks

The division of tasks between individuals or teams is the key to effective work. D360 streamlines the execution of individual tasks by assigning them to specific employees. Thus, each person in the team is perfectly aware of what they are responsible for and what is the time to complete tasks.

Wybrane zadania i przydzielone osoby w D360

Kanban board

How to increase the effectiveness of the team in the implementation of assigned tasks? For this purpose, D360 uses a kanban board, which presents specific goals and progress in their implementation in an easy and legible way. A simple yet extremely effective way to manage your tasks.

Widok pustej tablicy kanban dla aplikacji D360


5 star apartement

How to ensure a quick and efficient commissioning of the premises? Standard data exchange with the finishing team can be time-consuming and ineffective. D360 ensures the proper organization of tasks and requests for acceptance, so that the client does not have to wait too long for the implementation of any corrections and you do not have to worry about unfinished topics.

Goal? Quick closing of the investment with the highest note.

Panel rozwiązania D360 z listą weryfikacyjną dla odbioru technicznego

Click, click, click...

A ready-to-go acceptance template

ACCEPTANCE templates

Depending on the type of investment, each item will require a different acceptance protocol. From now on, you can prepare them with the template creator. In a few clicks you will prepare a document ready for printing.

Wycinek panelu D360 z pytaniami do odbioru mieszkania

List of all acceptances

Store a complete set of data conveniently and in one place. The search engine and statuses will quickly let you know what and how.

Aplikacja D360 z listą mieszkań i statusami odbiorów

Acceptances remarks

It's true - it's better not to have them at all. However, if they do show up, you'll know about them before the phone rings. From the app, you can quickly request a repair to speed up re-acceptance.

Location of the fault on the plan

How to pinpoint the location of the fault more precisely to avoid mistakes? Provide the subcontractor with a plan of the subject of the investment with the marked location of the fix.

On-site corrections

Communication with the construction team can be problematic, especially when it comes to corrections. With the D360, you can order corrections during the collection to shorten the time of their implementation. In turn, employees and subcontractors will receive a task with a detailed description of the fault and its location.

Access the task from the plan view

We know that supervising ordered fault repairs can be burdensome. With D360, we decided to make the whole procedure easier by presenting tasks in the form of a view on the plan of the object. From now on, you know exactly at what stage the apartment is ready for acceptance.


Dream Home

Jak często zdarza Ci się otrzymywać od klienta niestandardowe życzenia dotyczące wykończenia? Z D360 będziesz mógł tworzyć katalog zmian wraz z gotowym cennikiem, by trzymać w ryzach wybredne fantazje przyszłych lokatorów i związane z tym koszty.

List of all possible changes

Create a full and complete list of possible changes to the object of investment, which will be used to prepare a personalized cost catalog for the client.

Lista zmian na życzenie klienta z kosztami w aplikacji D360

Change catalogs

Surprise the client with the quick preparation of a personalized catalog of changes made in an apartment. In D360 - using items on the list of changes - you will create it with a few clicks ...


Remotely at the construction site

You don't have to be in two places at once to have your investment under full control. With the "Tasks" module, you can quickly outsource work to subcontractors and check the stage of their implementation. All this without leaving the office.

Wybrane uprawnienia przydzielane użytkownikom w aplikacji D360

Authorization system

Streamline the work of subcontractors with just a few clicks. What about data confidentiality? Relax. Thanks to the authorization system, you can allocate limited space to external employees. Thus, sensitive investment data will not fall into the wrong hands.

Wybrane zadania z datą, statusem i przydzielonymi osobami w D360

Assigning tasks

How to control the chaos associated with supervising tasks? Instead of dozens of phone calls and a notebook full of chaotic notes, you can use a transparent system. Delegate tasks to specific people responsible for their implementation and monitor their progress from one panel.

Acceptances remarks

Shorten the stage of commissioning the investment subject thanks to the integrated system of recording comments and dynamic delegation of tasks. With the D360, you can instantly save notes for acceptance, thus generating tasks for the construction team working on corrections. No paperwork chaos and reminder calls.

monitorowanie poprawek

Get to grips with it better

Delegating tasks to many people and supervising their implementation requires more than looking left and right at the same time. Using the clear task screen, you can quickly and conveniently check the deadlines for the implementation of works and their progress - without waiting for a call from construction teams.

Task view on the kanban board

Jak szybko odnaleźć się w dziesiątkach oddelegowanych zadań i poprawić ich organizację? Pomoże Ci w tym tablica kanban, z którą zyskasz szybki wgląd do realizowanych prac. Przejrzysty, nowoczesny widok postępu prac z wykorzystaniem tablicy kanban to sposób na szybki wgląd do zadań oraz optymalizację związanego z nimi managementu.

What’s a kanban board?

A kanban board is a tool for visualizing processes along with tasks assigned to a given stage. You get a clear, modern view of the work progress.

Set priorities

You can prioritize each task. This will allow you to filter tasks more easily and also increase their transparency in the kanban board view.

Wybrane oznaczenia priorytetów dla zadań w aplikacji D360


Although a book calendar is a practical must-have, we have something better. With the built-in scheduler in D360, you have constant insight into the creation dates and planned completion of tasks. Missed deadlines - what is this?


With the comments module, each of the delegated tasks can be provided with an additional description to avoid accidental mistakes or understatements.

Przykładowe komentarze do poszczególnych zadań w D360


Action - reaction

During the acceptance, there are often comments about the subject of the investment. An on-site agent can enter them into the system immediately, which automatically generates tasks for subcontractors.

Ścieżka zlecania poprawek do odbioru w panelu D360


Your e-binder

Do you remember how long it took you to search for invoices or contracts last time? Instead of flipping through binders, keep them within a reach of just a few clicks. Digitize documents and store them in D360. Thanks to the built-in search engine and categorization system, you will find exactly what you need in a few seconds.


Perfect harmony

The more types of documents, the more types of data stored on them. With the D360 you will be in control of every digitized piece of paper. Contracts, invoices or other cost documents – eventually, you have full control over them.

Registration of expensive documents

How much does it cost and why is it so expensive? Instead of scrolling through invoices one by one, check expenses with just a few clicks. In D360, you can add costs and related documents in no time. It will take you less than a minute to find them. Sounds good?

Wybrane przedmioty inwestycji na rozwijanej liście z kosztami

Clear list

You can create dozens of contracts and other text documents in D360. To find your way around them, there is an ordered list at your disposal. Thanks to it, you can quickly check the content and issuing date of the document.

Fragment listy klientów z przypisanymi kategoriami

Invoice generator

D360 not only allows you to store cost documents, but also generate final invoices. The intuitive system will make you a professional invoicing specialist in just a few clicks.

Kategorie do listy podmiotów w panelu D360


Do you like making markings in books? From now on, you can also do this for your documents in D360. Thanks to the system of tags and categories, you can easily mark anything to find the documents faster in the filtered list of files. Documents have never been as organized as now.


Documents at your order

D360 not only allows you to conveniently store the documentation necessary for the investment. Built-in generators allow you to quickly create your own templates, with which you will forget about classic text editors.

Rozbudowana lista przechowywanych w D360 dokumentów

By template

Are you preparing plenty of various documents? It's time to make your job easier. Thanks to the wizard built into D360, you can easily generate a template by specifying fields to complete the data. Thanks to this, the preparation of each subsequent document will take you less than a moment.

Unique, because company’s

The possibilities of the D360 document editor are enormous. One of them is the header and footer wizard. With just a few clicks, you can turn white paper into elegant letterhead. No expensive graphic designs, it’s all on your own terms. It's time to stand out.

Safe editing

You know those situations when you accidentally changed something in a document and noticed it the next time you opened the file? With the D360 CI, this is not a threat. The application allows you to protect the document against editing, allowing you to modify only the fields you specify.

Funkcja ograniczenia możliwości edycji dokumentów w D360

Universally. In PDF

Have you ever received a text document that did not display correctly when opened? With the D360, you'll forget about it. A generator built into the system creates documents in PDF format. Thanks to this, files always open correctly - on any device, regardless of the application you have.


Convenience and quality

Customer service is a demanding process, and the growing demands of customers do not make it any easier. D360 improves communication, both on the part of customers and salespersons, to make sales even more efficient and faster.

Express inquiries

The visualization embedded on the website makes it easier for the client to understand the available investment. The D360 goes one step further. The application allows not only to publish a visualization, but also to send a request form directly from it. At any time of the day or night, without looking for an e-mail address or contact page.

A clear form

Contact forms are often the first contact with a customer. We know how much users dislike long forms. We also know how little information they provide to the sales department. Thanks to the integration of the visualization and the form, the submitted application is supplemented with information about the given object of the investment.


Efficiently and effectively

Increase sales efficiency with one application. Gain more control over leads and tasks, manage the work of the customer service team and close transactions more effectively. Faster, better, more convenient.

With a finger on the pulse

Respond to every offer request immediately after receiving it. D360 integrates the contact form with the application, transforming each inquiry into a sales lead and a task for the salesperson. Thanks to this, you avoid the chaos associated with subsequent received forms. From now on, you won't miss a single sales lead.

Okienko z nowym zapytaniem sprzedażowym w aplikacji D360

1 apartment, many announcements, a list of tasks in the calendar...

...which is a simple recipe for failure. With D360 you won't forget: when you made an appointment for a presentation, who were you supposed to send the offer to, which apartment is already booked

Adding leads

Did someone call you from an advertisement or advertisement? Turn it into a sales lead. D360 gives you full control over your contacts, which you can add yourself with just a few clicks. Expand your customer base and increase the efficiency of apartment sales.

Fragment panelu aplikacji D360 z listą klientów jako leadów sprzedażowych

In your style

We know that you know sales like no one else. Transfer your experience and methods to D360, make your sales more dynamic. We have designed the sales module so that it adapts to the processes in your company.

Wybrane statusy sprzedażowe w aplikacji D360

A must-have for successful sales

A kanban board is a tool that helps organize tasks and turn them into processes. From now on, you too can use it by transferring sales to D360. The view of tasks in the form of a board will help you control sales leads and close transactions even more effectively.

Okno w D360 z leadami sprzedażowymi i etapami sprzedaży

According to practice

How to run sales processes effectively? You yourself know it best. From now on, you can ensure that your traders conduct them in accordance with the established methodology. Thanks to checklists, you will ensure that your representatives complete all activities for a given stage of sale.

Przykład utworzenia lejka sprzedażowego w aplikacji D360


One application instead of separate spreadsheets. In D360, you have the option of grouping tasks for individual investments. Thanks to this, you can manage the sale of various investment items from one screen.

Lista osiedli z leadami sprzedażowymi w panelu D360

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