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Road to D360

Creating such an extensive application as D360 is a huge challenge. Using the tool, we see lists, forms, buttons - elements behind which there are hundreds of lines of code and years of hard work.

The roadmap below shows the process of creating D360 and its new functionalities, the introduction of which is planned for the near future. In this way, on the one hand, we want to show how dynamically our application is changing, and on the other hand, we want to share every success.


Big start





It's finally here

the Land module has been added, allowing you to add and link individual items with investments and display plots with their numbers through integration with the geoportal database

the Sales Leads module has been added, presenting the sales process on a custom kanban board

the Documents module has been extended by adding tags, reviewing the history of changes and new filtration methods in the list, which makes it easier to search for specific files

New year, new modules

At the beginning of the year, our thoughts were directed towards the official launch of D360, scheduled for the third quarter of 2022. Although there was still a few months to go before the premiere and the winter season did not encourage getting out of bed, we immediately went to work.

Since it's a new year, there are some new features in the application not to be missed. The first of them is the prospectus generator, which allows you to prepare a ready document in a few simple steps. Among the novelties there is also the "Lands" module. The main task of the functionality is to organize the available land for investments, and the integration with the geoportal additionally displays all available and occupied building plots.

Two other modules have also been extended - "Sales", improving the management of sales leads from the level of the kanban board; as well as "Documents", which now has a more convenient system of filtering items by created tags.

The search engine in the application has been extended to search the investment database and investment objects. Thanks to this, the application presents the user with more relevant search results and allows you to reach individual content faster.

The Notification Center is a new space in D360, which consists of a view of assigned tasks, people involved and deadlines. The system is also responsible for displaying messages within the application so that each user is up to date with the ongoing processes.

The Investments module has been updated again. As part of the work, the system gained the ability to assign contractors involved in the investment implementation process to investments. In addition, the investments themselves can be linked to events in the calendar, increasing the amount of information about the counterparty.

We conduct regular optimization, minimizing the time needed to load functionalities and modules. Thanks to this, the use is quick and convenient.

Catalog of improvements and news

The next quarter is intensive preparations for the launch of D360. We focused our greatest attention on the Notification Center - a module that manages messages.

The work schedule also includes space for the development of existing modules. We improved the search mechanism so that users can find all the necessary information. Thanks to this, moving around the D360 has become even easier and faster.

In addition, D360 allows you to link the investment with calendar events to better organize work and manage deadlines.

D360 officially available. After nearly 4 years, the application is finally launched. Developers can check all the available functionalities of the application by signing up for a 30-day free account.

Thanks to the new GDPR module, D360 facilitates the handling of customer and contractor consents, both on the side of the administrator and the developer.

The final version of the D360 registration and subscription system has been prepared. The introduced changes made it easier to register an account and manage available subscription plans from the application level.

The investment item reservation system has been extended with a new mechanism. Its main task is to create a relationship between the booked item and a specific customer. Thanks to this, it is possible to make reservations for a defined range of dates (e.g. a month or 3 months), and the customer's data goes to the details view of the investment object.

The customer service module has been modified so that in the future it will be possible to create a panel for people interested in purchasing flats and premises and creating accounts and profiles for them in the system.

The menu has become more clear and intuitive. Thanks to the addition of iconography and the new layout, it is easier to reach individual modules, and the mechanism of hiding the sidebar increases the space for the data editing screen

D360 - it's time to start!

The end of the third quarter is actually the beginning. On the last day of September, D360 had its official launch. It's hard to describe the emotions that accompany us after nearly 4 years of hard work. The greatest satisfaction is giving developers a solution that really facilitates running a business and investment processes.

The last few months have been focused on bug fixes and improvements to the application, thanks to which the service has become even more convenient. The mechanisms of registration, subscription management and menu have been redesigned, focusing on simplicity and transparency.

A user activity monitoring module is being developed. The mechanism informs users about the ongoing data editing and the employee assigned to it. This will avoid the simultaneous introduction of changes within one element and will improve the work of teams.

An activity log is being prepared in the developer panel. The tool will allow you to verify changes made by users within the application and, among others.

Work is planned on a generator of declarations for acceptance, compliant with the new legal regulations. Amendments to the Act require the developer to provide the client with a statement regarding the comments made during the technical acceptance. With the new feature, the document will be easily prepared in the D360 receiving module.

The task module is one of the most used functions in the D360. To make using it more comfortable, we started optimizing individual mechanisms. Thanks to this, after the process is completed, the module will significantly increase the speed of work.

At the beginning of Q4, there will be changes in permissions for some functions and modules, an increase in the importance of the superadmin role and a new role refresh system. These activities are aimed at increasing security when introducing teams with different levels of authorization to the system and the related comfort of use.


Investments from a to z





Real CRM

the Sales module was introduced to D360, which is the implementation of CRM functions that are crucial from the point of view of customer service

the mechanism of sales inquiries was extended to include obtaining key information directly from submitted forms

the interface of the Developer Panel has been rebuilt, thanks to which navigating the available modules has become even easier, and the onboarding of new users is faster

A real estate agent's digital assistant

We know how important the sale is in the investment process. That is why we started the next year of work on d360 with the addition of CRM functionalities.

In particular, we have refined the mechanisms that help to effectively manage the sales process, based on the best market practices. We designed the customer service process so that the system records as much key information as possible already at the stage of submitting sales inquiries. Using a well-known work methodology - a kanban board - we have created a transparent way to monitor the status of the sales process and communication with the client.

The Developer Panel has a new, more intuitive navigation and service to further shorten the time of onboarding new users.

One two three for… the client

a reservation system for the subject of the investment was implemented, allowing for instant blocking of premises and protection against purchase by potential buyers, which improves the organization of real estate agents' work and enables efficient communication with a group of interested parties

Tasks and Visualization modules have become even more useful and convenient to use...

... and the application remained consistently fast and reliable thanks to another optimization of the code

Developer's booking

The availability of the house or apartment presented to the client may change from hour to hour. How to organize the work of real estate agents in this case to avoid unnecessary confusion?

We started from this question by preparing another element of the system, adding the option of quick booking of investment items. Thanks to it, D360 allows the developer's employee to mark a given premises as occupied, so that you never face a situation where you sold one flat to two clients.

D360 has been covered by further improvements - this time within the Tasks and Visualization modules. The changes translated into increased usability and comfort of using the application. Taking into account the constant expansion of our solution with new functionalities, we have subjected the entire code to another optimization, guaranteeing consistently excellent speed and reliability of operation.

Ask the client

the "Acceptance" module has been prepared, which allows you to fully manage the technical acceptance of the investment object, including placing comments and defects reported by the client and supervising repair work

from now on, D360 allows you to comprehensively manage investment costs, making it easier to catalog, categorize, define statuses or link them with attachments

a module of tenant changes was also introduced, facilitating the management of changes indicated by customers and giving a full picture of their costs

the Sales module has been developed, giving more control over leads and related statuses as well as closing sales processes

Apartment on request

An important stage of each investment process is the acceptance of a flat, house or premises. That is why we have prepared a module supporting this aspect through the technical acceptance supervision system. The mechanism allows you to place reported defects and comments in one panel and gives you an insight into the work carried out by subcontractors from the level of a clear list of tasks. We have also streamlined the investment management process. A new module "Premises Changes" has been introduced, which gives the user the ability to create a catalog of changes reported by customers along with their costs.

Another novelty in D360 - the "Investment Costs" module - is an area where you can easily and quickly create a summary of the costs of a given investment, taking into account the stage, building, storey. The tool additionally allows you to link attachments to a given item, organizing key information in one place.

We have also added extensions to the "Sales" module to the developer's panel. New mechanisms for determining lead statuses streamline the sales process.

It’s time to do testing

D360 has been extended with the "Documents" module, allowing you to add and complete contract templates, manage them and organize documentation properly

the option of creating a "Premises Card" has been added, which allows you to quickly and easily prepare a leaflet with the most important information about a given investment object

integration with the GUS database was introduced, which simplified the process of adding a contractor

the "Media" module has been extended with a new search mechanism, which shortens the time of searching databases with files - especially the larger ones

Preparations for launch

The last quarter is a period of intensive testing of the D360 and the introduction of further novelties and changes.

The application has been extended with the "Documents" module, thanks to which the user can easily manage document templates and contracts in the system - both concluded with contractors and clients.

The function of creating a "Premises Card" has also been prepared, which collects information on the subject of the investment for the client and submits it to PDF format with just a few clicks.

We also implemented integration with the Central Statistical Office database, which significantly simplified the process of entering contractor data into the system - now it only takes a moment.

By introducing improvements to the system, we decided to improve the "Media" module. We have added mechanisms that facilitate searching for files sent to the d360 database and embedding them in individual areas of investment elements, such as visualizations







Your investments under control

"Investments", under which structures were created to divide the investment into smaller fragments - stages, buildings and premises

the premises have been separated from the structure as investment objects, which allows for more accurate cost management

the system has been prepared to handle various types of items

a "Media" module has been prepared, allowing you to store your own files used by D360 functionalities in the solution space

the application has been optimized thanks to which its operation has been accelerated

"Investments" module

At the beginning of the next year, work on D360 focused on the most important element of the entire platform - the investment management module. We have designed and implemented a structure for dividing the investment into: stages, buildings and individual premises. The latter have been additionally separated as an investment object, and the system itself has been adapted to handle various types of objects.

At the same time, work was underway on the "Media" module, which allows you to store your own files that are used by other functionalities - contracts, invoices, visualizations, etc. In response to the mechanisms added to the application, we carried out a number of optimization activities to improve system performance, thanks to which everything works faster and more efficiently.

Investment generator

the "Investment Generator" has been prepared, which allows you to add investments and their structures in a simple and quick way

the ability to create visualizations for investments has been added along with the option of embedding them directly on developers' websites

the "Objects" module has been extended with a mechanism for presenting the object of the investment to a potential buyer

the "Customers" module was extended to support the company's contractors

Investments in a few clicks

Managing your investments should be easy and fast. We started from this assumption by creating the "Investment Generator" - a module that allows you to add an investment in a few simple steps, divided into structures and costs. In addition, we gave users the ability to create investment visualizations, which can then be placed on websites. We have made every effort to make the publication of the visualization on your own website simple and fast, and at the same time it does not require the installation of additional modules and does not redirect traffic to external portals.

We also refined the "Items" module. Thanks to the improvements, d360 users were given the opportunity to attractively present the subject of the investment, i.e. flats, houses, etc. to potential customers.

The expansion of d360 also included the "Customers" module, extending it to support the company's contractors, such as subcontractors or material suppliers.

Entrance from the back

D360 has been extended with the Administrator Panel, which is intended to assign and supervise the tasks of our technical team, as well as to create a space for communication between users and technicians and to monitor the progress of work on requests

a module of notifications for completed investment objects has been prepared, allowing the client to quickly provide comments regarding the finish of the premises, thus accelerating the process of their improvement

Admin Panel, i.e. the part of the work that you can't see, but it needs to be done

While developing the functionalities of D360, we noticed the need to facilitate communication between system users and our technical department. That is why we have prepared an environment for administrators, which in principle is a place that allows our technical support to manage D360.

Work on the Administrator Panel began with the creation of a task module, allowing for easier management of the work of the technical team. This place has also become a space for communication between users and technicians, additionally equipped with a transparent system for monitoring the progress of work on registered requests. In practice, this accelerated the process of handling user requests.

We have also streamlined the commissioning process by enabling comments to be sent via the notification module. Closing the investment can finally be faster, without dragging out in time.

The fastest implementation on the market

the final decision was made to distribute D360 in the SaaS model - available in the cloud

thus, we managed to shorten the implementation to only 60 seconds

maintaining the infrastructure on our side increases the safety of use, while reducing additional costs on the client's side

the "Tasks" module was implemented, allowing for quick assignment of tasks to employees and monitoring of their progress

a simplified "Invoices" module has been added, streamlining the flow of cost documents in the company

a new “Subscriptions” tab has appeared in the panel, allowing you to quickly manage your cost plan

D360 available in 60 seconds

From the very beginning, we wanted the D360 solution to be fully scalable and available to every real estate developer - without the time-consuming and costly implementations. It was therefore a natural course of events to decide that the distribution of the tools should be based on the cloud model (SaaS).

As a result, customers gained the ability to start working with our application in just 60 seconds. It is enough to register just with your e-mail address - easier than when setting up a Facebook account.

Thus, you do not incur any costs related to the maintenance of the IT infrastructure and the employment of specialists to operate the system. In return, the Developer can devote 100% of their attention to using the D360 and running their own business. The Developer Panel has been extended with the "Tasks" module, thus we have implemented another of the previously set assumptions - managing a team of employees. A simplified "Invoices" module has also been prepared, accelerating the issuance of final documents, their approval by an authorized person and updating the status in the system.

We have offered future users several subscription models, which have become more convenient to pay for or change - directly from the D360 panel.


Let’s start




A simple idea - a great challenge

D360 is a response to the needs of the developer market, based on a thorough analysis of the problems and challenges of developers' daily work

D360 is a fully proprietary solution, created from the beginning by a team of experienced specialists

the main assumptions of our solution are to provide developers with a scalable tool for everyone that will streamline key processes within companies, save time and provide easy access to data

The answer to your needs

It all started with a few conversations and meetings with known development companies. We have encountered the difficult everyday life of the industry, which consists of the complexity of the investment process, the organization of construction teams, cooperation with subcontractors, dozens of necessary procedures and the need to provide appropriate tools to manage all the above-mentioned aspects.

What surprised us the most was the severely limited availability of one of the most desirable resources - data and time. Developers lacked valuable hours necessary to meet clients and contractors, supervise construction works, develop their own business and even private life. Employees lost it mainly by searching through binders, preparing summaries and reports in Excel and dozens of phone calls to subcontractors and contractors. So the question arose: can't we create a quick and accessible tool that will help companies in their daily work at least a little?

The collected conclusions and ideas turned into a vision of a larger, more comprehensive solution. We started with a thorough analysis of the collected information on the operation of development companies, so that the available functions would maximally improve everyday work and allow you to gain valuable time. We gathered a team of experienced specialists, prepared the project infrastructure and started working. The project also gained a name - d360.

First steps

the environment for working on the tool was configured in an internal local network so that the code was safe and without gaps from start to finish

login mechanisms offering quick and simple access and security have been prepared, which is a key value from the point of view of granting access to users - also from outside the organization, e.g. to subcontractors

Environment for the user

After setting goals and an action plan, it was time to stick the "programming shovel" in the ground. In a properly secured, local network, an environment was set up on which the first lines of code were created - the foundations of the new solution.

We started with the absolute basics - the mechanisms of logging in, authentication and adding new users with assigned permissions. From the beginning, the process was supposed to be simple, fast and at the same time completely safe.

From investment to sale

basic functionalities of CRM systems have been implemented for easy management of the customer and contractor database

the basis for the created module for managing the sale of houses and flats has been introduced

prepared contact database offers quick search for individual clients and employees of cooperating companies

The answer to your needs

By creating D360, we decided to support virtually all key aspects of the investments.

Therefore, the next step was to implement key features from CRM solutions. In the first place, we focused on developing the "Customers" module, which became the basis for further work on the elements of sales service. Additional research translated into adapting the module to support larger development companies with a complex structure in the form of branches.

An address book was created, which allowed for the organization of contact details for customers and employees of cooperating companies, along with quick access to a given item.